Dr. Margie Frederickson  and Dr. Jerry Browne see  patients of all ages for general medical diagnosis, treatment and management of all organ systems, and treatment of minor emergencies.  Services include complete medical history and physical exam, laceration/wound repair, splinting and casting, foreign body removal, minor burn care, infections, and immunizations. 
  Marnie Myrhe provides physical therapy services .
 Labs available on-site include: blood glucose, hemaglobin, blood chemistries, INR, HgbA1C, microalbumin, cholesterol panel, liver function, rapid Strep, urinalysis, and EKG.  Other blood work can be drawn and sent to Memorial Medical Center or Quest Diagnostics.  Radiology services are referred to Memorial Medical Center, Ashland, WI or Red Cliff Clinic, Bayfield, WI.

Office hours: Tues and Thurs   10:00am-2:00pm June-July-August
                     Tues and Thurs    10:00am-12:00pm May, September-October
                     Tues and Thurs    10:00am-12:00pm Winter

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